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Histology App NMHMC Histology Collection 

This app will use the AnatLab VScope system to provide mobile access to a complete collection of ultra-high-resolution histology microscopic slide images. This system will allow students, teachers, researchers, and the general public to explore the complete microscopic landscape of the body as if they were looking at a collection of actual slides on a physical microscope, all through the cloud via their iPads.



Anat Lab NMHMC AnatLab Virtual Anatomy Laboratory

This app provides a complete interactive atlas of human gross anatomy, based upon the Visible Human Male dataset from the National Library of Medicine. The app allows users to slice through the body axial, frontal, and sagittal planes using their network-connected iPads. Users can tap on any anatomical object and the system will instantly identify the scientific name of the anatomical object, as well as providing a page of related explanatory information. This system has been in use for several years as a tool for training both medical students and nursing students at universities in Illinois and Texas. Soon anyone with an iPad can explore this powerful anatomy reference tool.


Dermato App NMHMC Dermatopathology Collection

This app will allow clinicians, researchers and students access to a large collection of ultra-high-resolution microscopic slide images covering a wide range of dermatopathological conditions. Users will be able to use their iPads to interactively explore the collection using the AnatLab VScope cloud-based virtual microscope system, providing the ability to examine the sections at a variety of magnification levels, extending from low magnification all the way to cellular detail, just like with a physical microscope.